Welcome / Welkom

Welcome to the WebPage of the West Coast Task Team.

The Task Team reports to the G2G. That is all the Presidents of the West Coast Motorcycle Clubs. Any issues are then forwarded to the WMA to resolve.

It’s the duty and honor of each Task Team member to uphold the Protocols. A copy of the protocols here. PROTOCOLS amended jan 2016 (click to download)

Since Dec 2016 no more Clubs or Chapters are allowed to open in the Western Cape or West Coast.

If you or your club wants to contact the Task Team to resolve any issues or answer any of your questions, you are welcome to request a meeting with the TT. Send us an email to admin@ttweskus.co.za with your details and we will make contact with you.
Anyone is very welcome to forward ideas, suggestions and complaints to the Task Team. Each and every bit of input helps.